Enviromental Policy

The Owners and the managers of Apartamentos HSA EL TREBOL share the commitment to achieve optimal environmental management in their daily operations:

Recognizing the impact that tourism generates on the availability of natural resources and climate change. We are going to work to ensure that Apartamentos HSA EL TREBOL manage waste responsibly, avoid contamination, incorporate whenever possible, energy efficient equipment and encourage guests to respect and participate in efforts to minimize the hotel's environmental impacts. Our main objectives for optimal environmental management are the following:

  • Energy saving initiatives * The implementation of systems to capture, evaluate and analyze the energy used by the hotel.
  • Ensure that all the staff are trained for the management and saving of energy.
  • Reduction of energy consumption in relation to CO2 emissions in the year.
  • Ensure that all purchased equipment are efficient in energy consumption.
  • Evaluate new equipment and projects based on the cost of life cycle energy
  • Comply with legal and all other requirements related to energy management

Water management

We are aware of the water shortages, the effect of climate change and growing water demand. Therefore, without compromising the comfort, health and safety of our guests, as well as environmental policies, we implement procedures to minimize our water consumption with water saving devices and measures.

Waste management:

Apartamentos HSA EL TREBOL has implemented a waste management system and we minimize the production of solid waste in all areas of the hotel. Also, we encourage our guests to participate in the hotel´s recycling program.

Chemical policy:

We avoid, as much as possible the use of products with dangerous chemicals, but we guarantee the safe disposal of all chemical waste. We are actively trying to minimize the use of chemical products and we aim to reduce the chemical containing products as much as possible, every year.


In order to satisfy the broader sustainability criteria including the social-economical impacts and well-being of the staff, we are working towards the certification of sustainability. This policy statement will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains correct to the activities of Apartamentos. HSA EL TREBOL and the agreements between Apartamentos. HSA EL TREBOL and its stakeholders.

Recommended actions to our guests during their stay in Apartamentos HSA THE TREBOL:

  • Respect our towel reuse program to save water, energy and chemical products.
  • Do not leave lights, electrical/electronic devices on when they are not in use/required.
  • Keep all doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is on.
  • Use the recycling containers which can be found in the "clean points" in Aptos. HSA THE TREBOL.These containers are available for paper, plastic, glass and cans.

Statement of Policy with the Community

From the Property and Management of APARTAMENTOS HSA EL TREBOL we share the commitment to ensure positive relationships between Aptos. HSA EL TREBOL, the local community and local businesses. This practice provides very positive social and economic benefits while minimizing and eliminating instances of negative impacts. Our main objectives with this Community Policy are the following:

1. Engagement

We collaborate with the local community, whenever possible to help address issues of importance to our mutual benefit. We recognize that Aptos. HSA EL TREBOL is an intrinsic element of the local community and our objective is to play an active role in the maintenance and development of local space as important members of this community.

2. Purchasing

Our Purchasing policy is to promote the production of the area and ensure that the quality of food does not affect the comfort of our guests and thus help reduce CO2 emissions in the transport of products from international destinations. We make payments to our suppliers within the terms of credit agreed between them. Whenever possible, we resort preferably to the service of local suppliers to that of multinational companies.

3. Employment

Aptos HSA EL TREBOL recognizes the importance of hiring local people as preferred employees. This increases the likelihood that the money is spent in the local community. In addition, it encourages residents to remain within the community, instead of seeking employment elsewhere. With these policies we also try to preserve our destination as a base for regular customers and future customers. Likewise and within our corporate social responsibility policy, we collaborate for the labor integration of people with disabilities, helping their employability.

4. Donations and charity

Aptos HSA EL TREBOL donates items such as furniture and clothing that are no longer suitable for use within the complex to local organizations that can benefit from them (organizations that help people without resources, organizations that help animals and the environment, community groups, etc). From Aptos. HSA EL TREBOL also carefully considers how we can help the local community to provide support in local events, etc. with donations of food and drink.



With a dedicated team, HSA El Trebol aims achieving a high quality level at services and products provided in the hotel. As part of the continuous pursuit of excellence approach, we adopt a guest oriented understanding and value any feedback gathered from them.

Aims & Objectives

This policy document is prepared to outline the quality approach of HSA El Trebol. From the first moment a guest is welcome to the departure time, we do our best to give the best service.

  • Welcoming of the guests turns into a ceremony in HSA El Trebol. Check-in procedure is kept short and efficient. Everything is prepared before the guests arrive. Only urgent information is provided verbally to save time.
  • The requests and complaints of guests are taken into consideration professionally and immediate action is taken for the best satisfaction.
  • Cleaning is extremely important both in the rooms and in general areas. Hygiene rules are obeyed strictly. Independent institutions audit the hotel to assure that we keep the standards high.
  • We make use of latest technologies to keep the technical standards as high as possible.
  • As a family friendly hotel, HSA El Trebol focuses on entertainment activities for all age groups. Separate activities are carried out for kids, teenagers and adults.
  • The quality of food and beverages is kept high in the restaurant and bars. The receipts had been prepared delicately and are followed strictly. Freshness of the food is assured through purchasing and storing procedures. Menus are kept rich enough to appeal to the tastes of all guests.
  • The staff attitude at providing the service at restaurant and bars has to be friendly, serviceminded and efficient.
  • Swimming pools are cleaned by staff everyday. Two lifeguards are on duty around the pools most of the day.
  • Landscaping is a crucial part of the quality understanding in HSA El Trebol. The plants and decorative items are taken care of gardeners.
  • All products and services are bought by considering the ergonomics, safety, durability and quality.
  • For the continuity of high quality, we keep the staff turnover at the lowest levels compared with sector benchmarks. All employees are trained on both vocational subjects and sustainability issues.
  • The guest questionnaires made by the tour operator are followed continuously. The target is to be among top 3 hotels in the same concept at the questionnaires of the tour operator, keep the Tripadvisor score above 4/5.
  • We will increase awareness on environmental issues and adopt sustainable tourism policies.
  • We will fulfil all legal responsibilities


Health and Safety Policy

The following statement of principles and intentions comprise the Occupational Health and Safety Policy of the HSA El Trebol.


The management of the company is committed to:

  • Prevention of injury and ill health of anyone at the premises of the company.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and with other requirements to which the hotel subscribes.
  • Provide all the necessary resources in order to have the best implementation of this policy
  • Continual improvement in H&S management and performance 

Children Employment and Exploitation: 

  • We do not employ children under any circumstances and if any irregular action comes into our attention in terms of children general and sexual exploitation we are committed to report that activity to the relevant authorities. 


  • To minimise the accidents at the work place and improve the state of premises and the methods of work.
  • To continually identify, assess and check the health and safety risks and to implement the relevant preventive measures.
  • To set and review health and safety objectives and to implement an action plan for their evaluation.
  • The provision and maintenance of a suitable, safe working environment for all employees
  • Making available information, instruction, training and supervision as necessary to ensure the occupational health and safety of all employees
  • To communicate to our employees, customers and suppliers our policy with the intent that they are made aware of their individual health and safety obligations.
  • To undertake risk assessments to all our activities with a frequency relevant to their harm
  • To have the policy available to the interested parties
  • Τhis policy is reviewed so it is relevant and suitable to the company’s activities.



Our main goal is to provide the best of accommodation experience to our guests and satisfy all their needs by staying close and keep a fair relationship with all of our employees and the local community.

The protection of the local environment, the landscape and also our local tradition keeps the first place on the way to achieve our main goals.

According to The United Nations’ definition of sustainability there are three individual dimensions that compare together the form of a sustainable policy. These are:

  • The environmental dimension – planet: the way in which measures specific to improving the environmental impact of the processes and products of the company are regulated and executed.
  • The social dimension – people: the way in which social equity and corporate governance are defined and followed within the company.
  • The economic dimension – profit: the way in which the company organises its position in the marketplace to actively develop its sustainable profile by using its economic stability and profitability for continuous improvement.

The environmental dimension

HSA El Trebol follows the best of practices and keep high levels of environmental consciousness which always focus on the environmental and landscape protection. HSA El Trebol is a local Company from Lanzarote which never missed the opportunity to minimize the environmental impacts. The company takes a specific action in order to contribute the protection of the environment and the area that hosts its hotel.

Management and staff

  • Environmental policy in place
  • Annual training about efficient usage of energy
  • We choose suppliers who keep environmental friendly procedures

Energy and water consumptions

At HSA El Trebol we always record the energy and water consumptions in order to keep the total Kwh consumptions and water lit consumptions to the lowest possible level by keeping the high level of our available services.

During the 2018 summer season the total energy consumption was reduced in a 16% comparing with 2017.

The water consumption has also been reduced in a 50% between 2017 and 2018 by putting water efficient filters in bathrooms and sinks and following our main policy regarding the garden’s watering, educate our staff members and inform our guests about the efficient usage of the water.

Energy and water savings measures

  • Water efficient filters and mixing taps in most bathrooms
  • Water is heated by solar thermal collectors and by biomass burner
  • Energy efficient light bulbs in all public areas and most guest rooms (led bulbs)
  • The watering of our gardens take place late in the evening to prevent water waste Every new equipment purchases checked to be energy efficient
  • Key cards or magnets to switch off lights when guests leave the room Investment in renewable energy systems
  • Regular maintenance & training on the equipment at the beginning of each season towards efficient energy use
  • Information towards guest in order to save water/energy 

Our next objective will be the installation of automatic irrigation systems in most of our garden areas

Waste production and recycling

The waste production and management is one of the most important environment protection procedures followed during the operation of our HSA El Trebol. With this in our mind, we educate all of our staff members annually about the procedure which has to follow regarding the waste produced, the separation of each waste and the recycling. Furthermore, recycling bins located at the common area of our hotel and the guests encouraged to recycle their waste.

Waste management and recycling

  • Used oil & fats are collected
  • Recycle bins for recycling batteries, plastic, glass, paper
  • We undertake efforts to limit the use of disposable products
  • The reuse of paper for internal use
  • Orders in bulk where is possible
  • We choose returnable bottles filled by filter water and bag-in-box for most of the drinks

Chemical consumptions

The environment is totally affected by the usage of chemicals. At our HSA El Trebol, the usage of chemicals is limited and only from special trained staff members. In fact, we have reduced in a 26% the usage of hypochlorite since we installed the saline chlorinator in one of the pools.

Chemical management

  • We apply environmental criteria when purchasing cleaning agents
  • Use of chemicals is limited and where is necessary
  • Use of local plants in the garden that need less water and are more resistant to the local climate
  • Minimize the chemical usage at the housekeeping The daily control of the swimming pools in order to use the minimum amount of chemicals and other substances

The social dimension

The protection of the local market community is one of the first priorities of the administration and management of our HSA El Trebol. Employees Our Company puts an effort to retain the same staff, the biggest part of which, work at our hotel for five years or over. All our employees are adults and insured, as our hotel follows the Spanish law of workers’ rights. All the staff remains the right to meet the management of the hotel for any problem or situation faced regarding their job.

The economic dimension

  • HSA El Trebol focuses to the local and regional economy by following specific actions during its operation.
  • Local suppliers for our food and beverage outlets. The 95% of our suppliers are locals and we keep the same cooperation’s each year
  • Research and Investment in local area
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